Best Accident Insurance 2022 – Reviews and comparisons of car insurance companies

Are you looking for the best accident insurance for your car or motorcycle? Do you want to better orientate yourself in the offers of insurance companies? We will recommend you the best possible insurance. We will advise you on how to choose accident insurance and we will also focus on the most common mistakes. The winner of our comparison was the eInsurance with a discount when arranging online! As part of the comparison Reviews, we selected the best insurance and other services.

The best accident insurance

1st) ePojištění.CZ: The best accident insurance

The best accident insurance comparator online. Simple and clear calculator + quick negotiation.

2nd) Generali Česká pojišťovna: The best car insurance

Quality accident insurance with assistance services. Also suitable for older cars. 20% discount when arranging insurance online!

3rd) ČSOB: The best Auto insurance

Quick negotiation without waiting. Assistance services are always part of the insurance. Packages include a large number of services.

1) ePojisteni.CZ – The best accident insurance online

  • Type: online insurance 
  • Comparator Liability agreement online: yes 
  • Arranging accident insurance online: yes 
  • 24/7 telephone support: no 
  • Free services: yes 
  • Mobile application: no
  • A quick calculation of the accident insurance price
  • Lots of insurance companies
  • Transparent conditions
  • Favorable prices
  • Simple and clear website
  • Possibility to arrange the selected insurance directly
  • Telephone support does not work non-stop
  • Some information is harder to find
  • Without mobile application

The accident insurance calculator ePojištění.cz will best help you choose the ideal insurance company for arranging accident insurance. You can quickly calculate the price of an accident in one place, while you can handle everything quickly and online. A simple overview will clearly show you how much you can save per year for arranging advantageous accident insurance.

The calculator selects from a number of quality insurance companies, including Allianz, Uniqa, ČPP, Generali, ČSOB, Pillow, Kooperativa, Slavia, and others. All you have to do is enter the basic data about the vehicle, the data about the owner, and, if necessary, the bonus for driving without accidents. Clear help will help you fill it out.

According to our Reviews, EInsurance offers the best accident insurance for this year. Everyone can choose!

2) Generali Česká pojišťovna

  • Type: insurance company 
  • Liability agreement online: Yes 
  • Arranging accident insurance online: Yes 
  • Telephone support: Yes 
  • Availability of support : 24/7 
  • Possibility to visit the stone branch: Yes
  • 20% discount when arranging insurance online
  • Background of a stable and popular insurance company
  • Extensive branch network
  • Possibility of limitless assistance services
  • Accident insurance optimized for older cars
  • Insurance packages include a number of supplementary insurance
  • Complicated division of assistance services

Generali Česká pojišťovna offers accident insurance in four standard packages and one special package, combined with compulsory liability. The basic Theft and Element package includes insurance against theft and natural disasters, including basic assistance services.

The variant Accident and Element are very similar. Only theft insurance was replaced by accident insurance. It also includes vandalism. The previous basic insurance variants combine the All Risk and All Risk 6+ packages. They are not very different. However, the All Risk 6+ variant is intended exclusively for cars at least six years old. The insurance includes car theft, natural disaster, and, of course, an accident. In addition, it adds accident insurance to the driver and passengers.

“20% discount when arranging accident insurance online”

You can only obtain the highest variant of All Risk PLUS accident insurance in combination with the Comfort PLUS compulsory liability insurance. It includes all insurance from previous packages and further expands them with GAP insurance. In addition, the first accident caused does not affect the price of the insurance. The great attraction of this package is the limitless assistance services. Naturally, you can supplement everything with an additional insurance offer. Due to the extensive services offered by the basic packages, the list of supplementary insurance is not very long.

Generali Česká spořitelna operates an extensive network of branches throughout the Czech Republic. You can get more information or ask for advice here. Of course, it is possible to take out car accident insurance at the branch. However, it is more advantageous to arrange insurance online. In this case, Generali Česká spořitelna offers a 20% discount . The accident-free course of insurance will bring you an advantage of up to 50%. The only thing that seems a little confusing at first glance is the offer of assistance services. It is divided into four categories with different performance limits and service levels.

Generali Česká spořitelna used its many years of experience to create tailor-made insurance packages for Czech drivers. You simply choose the variant that suits you best.

3) ČSOB pojišťovna – Fast settlement and high quality

  • Type: Insurance Company
  • Liability agreement online: Yes
  • Arranging accident insurance online: Yes
  • Telephone support: Yes
  • Availability of support: 24/7
  • Possibility to visit the stone branch: Yes
  • Assistance services are always part of the insurance
  • Insurance packages include a large number of services
  • Simple and clear website
  • Very extensive branch network
  • 20% discount when arranging insurance online
  • Basic insurance does not cover theft

ČSOB Pojišťovna has prepared three basic insurance options for those interested in accident insurance. Standard Basic Insurance will surprise you with a large number of services included. In addition to an accident, it also applies to a natural disaster or collision with a game. You can take out insurance in the event of vandalism or similar damage to the car. Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain additional insurance in the event of theft.

Theft includes a higher variant of insurance called Dominant. Its content is very similar. In addition to the damage to the car as a result of an accident, it also covers natural disasters, clashes, or vandalism.

” 20% discount when arranging accident insurance online”

The Premiant variant is the highest and most comprehensive. In addition to all the above, the additional insurance also includes GAP insurance. Simply put, GAP guarantees you a constant price of the car and thus the amount of any insurance benefits. Details are always given in the insurance contract. GAP is especially suitable for new cars, where the decline in value is highest in the first years of operation.

Assistance services are included in every insurance policy as standard. The limit of performance for repair or towing of an immovable vehicle is CZK 2,000 for our territory. For abroad 150 euros. You can increase the limits by additional insurance. Of course, the assistance services also include 24/7 telephone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is best to take out insurance online when you get a 20% discount. Of course, you can also arrange the insurance in person at the branch. ČSOB also offers its services under the Poštovní spořitelna brand. It normally operates at Czech Post counters.

ČSOB pojišťovna has prepared a clear and comprehensive insurance offer. The big advantage is that pre-prepared fuse variants include the most important supplementary insurance.

4) comparator – Accident insurance comparator

  • Type: Online insurance comparator
  • Liability agreement online: Yes
  • Arranging accident insurance online: Yes
  • 24/7 telephone support: No
  • Free services: Yes
  • Mobile application: Yes
  • Simple and clear operation
  • Calculator of the most advantageous accident insurance
  • Free online contract inspection
  • Form autocomplete
  • A clear list of comparison results
  • Mobile application
  • It does not cooperate with all insurance companies
  • The need to enter personal data is still one of the newcomers among online insurance comparators. However, it immediately impresses with its modern design and advanced features. The first step in comparing offers is to enter personal and technical information into an online form. Although it is relatively detailed, which is important for accurate filtering of results, it does not take much time to fill it out. cooperates with the database and can fill in a large part of the data for you. Just provide basic personal information. For example, in the form of the registration number of the car you want to insure or your birth number. Entering personal data can be the only problematic aspect of the comparator. Not everyone wants to enter sensitive data on a web portal. The comparator, of course strictly cares for control and guarantees high safety.

The resulting offers of insurance companies are exemplary and clear. In the first two places, you will always find the cheapest and also the most advantageous offer. When evaluating the advantage, uses its own algorithm, which evaluates the included services, limits, and other data. The results are unexpectedly good. The disadvantage is that the comparator does not yet cooperate with all insurance companies on the market. Therefore, some interesting offers may be missing. On the other hand, the coverage of insurance companies is still solid and you will only rarely miss a significantly more advantageous offer. also offers contract control and management in a mobile application. In addition, the application checks stored contracts once a year and notifies you of any updates or better offers.

The grader is a very modern and clear grader, which, despite its short existence, has managed to attract tens of thousands of clients. Quality results and applications for comprehensive insurance contract management are definitely worth a try.

Review of insurance companies and accident insurance comparators

  1. ePojisteni.CZ: The best calculator for arranging accident insurance.
  2. Generali Česká pojišťovna: The best insurance company for arranging accident insurance.
  3. ČSOB Pojišťovna: Insurance company with comprehensive assistance services.
  4. AXA: A popular insurance company with a strong and stable background.
  5. RIX: A popular accident insurance comparator in the Czech Republic.

How to choose accident insurance

How does it work and what to expect from it?

Don’t know what accident insurance is? Simply put, accident insurance helps cover damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident. It does not have to be exclusively a car accident and a collision with another vehicle, it also applies to damage caused by a natural disaster, vandalism, or theft. The specific risks that insurance helps to deal with naturally vary. It depends on the insurance company’s offer, your wishes, and also how high the premium you are willing to pay.

You can use online comparators to choose the best accident, which won in our comparison, proved to be the best for us. Most insurance companies also offer an online accident insurance calculator. Thanks to it, you will receive a non-binding price offer directly from the selected company.

Remember that most insurance companies today favor online insurance. Discounts can reach up to 20%.

Compulsory liability vs. Accident insurance

There are two main differences between accident insurance and compulsory liability. Liability covers the damage you cause to others in the event of an accident. And what does accident insurance cover? Accident insurance, on the other hand, covers the damage you cause to yourself.

The practice is, of course, a little more complicated. Various supplementary insurances, which cover damage caused by accidental influences, are a common part of compulsory liability and accident insurance. For example, by natural disaster or theft. Normally, both types of insurance also include assistance services. These can help even in the event of a common failure. Supplementary insurance thus erases some partial differences between car insurance.

The second fundamental distinction between accident insurance and compulsory liability is regulations. In the vast majority of cases, compulsory liability must be established by law. Exceptions may be, for example, long-term parked cars, which do not have to pay compulsory insurance. At the same time, however, it is also not allowed on public roads. Accident insurance, on the other hand, is entirely voluntary. It is up to you whether you arrange them or not.

When to take out accident insurance?

Are you considering whether to buy accident insurance? First, think of a simple question. When I lose my current car, will it be a major problem and can I replace it quickly? If you are heavily dependent on the car, for example, because of trips to work, definitely consider obtaining accident insurance. In the event of an accident or natural disaster, the insurance benefit will significantly facilitate the purchase of a replacement car. All the more so if you don’t have enough income or savings to cover a potential purchase quickly.

What is covered by accident insurance

Approximate price of accident insurance

Will accident insurance pay off? In general, we can say that accident insurance pays off the most for new cars. Of course, the purchase price and the cost of any repairs play a role. Accident insurance no longer brings so many benefits to older and cheap cars.

The turning point in deciding to take out insurance is often the price of accident insurance. As in the case of compulsory liability, it will be tailored to each applicant. It takes into account data on the vehicle, including its current value, method of use, or information on the driver and his driving history. So what is the average price of accident insurance? It usually ranges in the order of thousands of crowns per year. In the case of a new car and a larger range of services, the annual premium usually exceeds CZK 10,000.

What about car leasing?

The rules for leasing cars are significantly different in the case of accident insurance. If the vehicle is in your possession, you are free to choose accident insurance or not take it out at all. In the case of a leased car, however, the car is the property of the leasing company until the last installment. She naturally tries to protect her property as best she can. Therefore, accident insurance is mandatory in the case of leasing.

However, the accident insurance also protects the client. In the event of an accident or other accident, which devalues ​​or even destroys the car, he would still have to pay the agreed installments without the accident insurance. Even though the car is no longer available.

Which variant of accident insurance is most advantageous for you?

Naturally, the widest possible risk coverage is best for new cars. New cars have a high value and service is also relatively expensive. Every accident usually hits the driver’s wallet noticeably. Accident insurance will significantly help here. The annual price of the insurance is usually negligible compared to the total price of the car. GAP insurance is often advantageous for new cars. We discuss it in more detail below.

For older cars, it is advisable to choose carefully according to the current situation and focus on the biggest risks. An example is game collision insurance. If you drive often at night and outside the village, it is definitely worth thinking about. On the contrary, if you move around the city most often, you probably won’t need it.

Coverage limits and co-participation

Accident insurance usually contains a mandatory co-participation clause. In the case of insurance indemnity, a certain part of the payment will always remain with you. The co-participation is usually stated as a percentage and the minimum amount of the total indemnity. You contribute to the damage in an amount that corresponds to the percentage of the co-payment. If the percentage is less than the specified minimum, you contribute to the damage with a minimum amount.

Let’s imagine two model examples. Both have a 5% co-participation, at least CZK 5,000. In the first case, the damage is CZK 50,000. What is your participation? The calculation is not that complicated. We find out that 5% of the amount of CZK 50,000 is CZK 2,500. This is less than the minimum of CZK 5,000, so the co-participation will be just that minimum, ie CZK 5,000. In the second case, the damage will be CZK 250,000. The co-participation amounts to CZK 12,500, ie 5% of CZK 250,000. The amount is higher than the minimum of CZK 5,000, so there is no adjustment and the amount of CZK 12,500 applies.

It does not make sense to report damages below the minimum limit to the insurance company. You will always cover the entire damage yourself as part of your mandatory participation.

The co-participation can also be zero, but this usually means higher insurance payments. Therefore, it is most often between 3 and 5%. Higher co-participation can significantly reduce the cost of insurance, but in the case of insurance benefits, the insurance company will also cover a smaller amount of costs.

Motorcycle accident insurance

In the case of a motorcycle, accident insurance differs only minimally from a car. There are partial differences in the offer of supplementary insurance and, of course, the price, but they are usually not significant.

Seasonal insurance may seem advantageous for a motorcycle. The season usually runs from April 1 to October 31. This will avoid paying during the winter months when you still do not plan to ride. Surprisingly, however, it may not always be the case that seasonal insurance is cheaper than full-year insurance. The differences are often surprisingly small. Year-round may be a better choice. In addition, you are not limited in any way by the validity of the insurance and you can safely drive whenever suitable conditions arise.

Accident insurance for holidays or abroad

Seasonal insurance does not have to cover only motorcycles, but in some forms also ordinary passenger cars. It can work well with convertibles, for example. As with motorcycles, this is insurance that you only pay for a certain number of months of the year. Of course, you can drive the car outside this period, but in the event of an accident, you are in the same way as if you had no insurance.

For holidays or trips abroad, it is often recommended to take out short-term accident insurance. Unfortunately, this service is not very widespread and its conditions change frequently. However, some insurance companies offer at least the possibility of assistance services in the form of supplementary insurance to standard travel insurance.

In any case, we would like to point out that most insurance companies currently focus primarily on classic year-round accident insurance. Special offers in the form of short-term accident insurance or seasonal insurance appear very sporadically and their advantage over conventional insurance is often debatable.

What is covered by accident insurance?

At this point, of course, it always depends on the content of the specific insurance package you choose, including additional insurance. The most common risks covered by accident insurance can be found in the following list.

  • Accident – if you cause an accident, accident insurance will help cover damage to your car. However, do not forget to take into account the possible co-participation that you have described in the contract.
  • Theft – refers to the theft of your car. In the case of this insurance, insurance companies often favor well-protected vehicles with more security features.
  • Elements – damage or destruction of the car in the form of floods, windstorms, hail, and the like.
  • Accident – there is often a distinction between a driver and a passenger accident. It usually concerns medical expenses as well as possible long-term consequences.
  • Damage to the windows – also at this point it is necessary to distinguish between damage to the windshield and other windows in the car. The windshield will eventually be damaged in most cars and its replacement in modern cars amounts to tens of thousands of crowns.
  • Damage to the car by animals – a typical case is bitten cables in the engine from kunas.
  • The collision is wild – a very unpleasant situation when a wild boar or a doe suddenly runs in front of the car. The damage is usually high. In addition, a collision often cannot be prevented even by driving very carefully.
  • Luggage – insurance in case of loss, damage, or theft of luggage.

Of course, various insurance companies may offer additional, special supplementary insurance options. For example, ČSOB does not include the first accident caused in some insurance policies in the calculation of the accident rate.

GAP – special insurance that you will appreciate for a new car

Simply put, GAP fixes the insurance benefit for a certain period of time. The price of the car decreases over time, which will also affect the amount paid in the event of an accident. For example, in the event of total damage and destruction of a car, the insurance company will not automatically reimburse you for the amount you paid for the car. On the contrary, it deducts a certain amount from this basic amount, which takes into account wear and tear, the current price of the car on the market, and other parameters. As the value usually decreases the fasReview for new vehicles, the indemnity for total damage may be significantly lower than the original price of the car.

The GAP fixes the price at the original level for a certain period of time, usually several years. In the event of total damage, the insurance company will therefore pay the insurance indemnity based on the price of the new car. The only deduction will be your participation.

What accident insurance does not cover

Of course, insurance has its exceptions. This is typically a situation where the law is violated or one of the terms of the contract is not complied with.

  • You do not call the police – you should automatically call the police for any accident where the damage to the car exceeds CZK 100,000, someone is injured or you damage the property of third parties. Road damage or traffic signs are also calculated. If at least one of the above conditions is met and you still do not call the police, the insurance company may reduce the payment or even refuse it altogether.
It is also advisable to call the police if you are unsure or unable to agree on the perpetrator of the accident.
  • You are not on the road – most insurance companies will refuse insurance benefits if the accident happened off the public road.
  • Providing false information – in such a case, the insurance company not only does not have to pay you anything, but you also run the risk of criminal prosecution for insurance fraud.
  • Wear and improper maintenance or use – Insurance companies usually do not recognize the damage caused by normal wear and tear or improper handling or improper maintenance. At this point, it is good to read the insurance contract well. This may be due to the use of the wrong fuel or a flat tire.
  • Illegal activity – includes, for example, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or driving without a valid driver’s license.

Individual insurance companies may set additional conditions, or specify some of the above more.


Below we will briefly explain the frequently used terms that you may encounter when arranging accident insurance.

Bonus / malusThe system of discounts and increases is used by most insurance companies. The bonus means a discount, a malus surcharge to the basic price of the premium.
LiquidatorAn expert who investigates insurance claims and influences the number of insurance benefits.
InsurerUsually, an insurance company offers and manages insurance.
PolicyholderThe person who concluded the contract with the insurer (insurance company).
InsuredA person covered by the insurance. Usually the same as the policyholder.
Insured eventAn accident, breakdown, or other accidental event is covered by the insurance.
Insurance indemnityThe amount that the insurance company pays as compensation in the event of an insured event.

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