Benefits of propolis for cancer: Is propolis good for cancer

In traditional medicine, a cure is sought for the treatment of many diseases. Cancer is one of these diseases. Although there is no definitive solution to cancer treatment by natural means, it is recommended by experts to consume foods that will support the treatment of this disease. One of the foods that have been proven by scientific studies to be good for cancer is propolis. Propolis, which is a 100 percent natural bee food, is an adhesive material for bees with which they repair their hives. In humans, it supports health.

Although cancer has been the subject of the medical world for many years, people also search for natural foods that they can consume during the treatment of this disease. Experts continue to say that the components of propolis, which have been used since ancient times and whose popularity continues to increase today, are also good for cancer. We have brought together the effects and benefits of propolis on cancer, traces of which can be found even in the recipes of Avicenna. Here are the answers to the question of whether propolis is good for cancer. Also, Read – Top 9 expert tips for taking care of your engagement ring

Benefits of Propolis to Cancer

The effect of propolis on cancer is one of the topics that people wonder about. The benefits of propolis on cancer, which should be consumed in a controlled manner and used with different scales in different age groups, are as follows:

Propolis contains ethanol extract. While this component does not harm existing healthy cells, it has a destructive effect on cancerous cells. In scientific studies, it has been observed that Anatolian propolis has a preventive role in the further proliferation of cancerous cells. Also, Read – 7 benefits of CBD oil, according to scientific studies

Which Cancer Is Propolis Good For?

It has been observed as a result of studies that propolis has a positive effect on many types of cancer. Studies have shown that propolis is effective in the treatment of head and neck cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, blood cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer. It is known that the use of propolis at an early age also prevents the formation of these cancerous cells. Also, Read – Easter wicker cake Ingredients & Preparation

Does Propolis Trigger Cancer?

In addition to the positive effects of propolis on cancer, there are also statements that it triggers cancer. That’s why people need detailed research before using this natural bee food. In some studies, it is stated that propolis does not have an inhibitory feature on cancer, while at the same time it is stated that it damages heart muscle cells. Therefore, it is recommended that people with cancer and ongoing treatment consume propolis without consulting doctors.

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