Anyolite (Ruby Zoisite) Properties, Benefits, Colors

Anyolite stone is also known as Ruby Zoisite or Ruby Zoisite. The reason for this is that Anyolite is a stone belonging to the Zoisite group. Anyolite actually comes out with the combination of 3 stones. It gets its green color from Zoisite stone, its purplish red color from Ruby stone, and its black spots from Chermakite stone.

Anyolite (Ruby Zoisite) Properties

Anyolite is a wonderful stone that balances the energy in the body and protects heart health. It is also known as the health stone among the people. It is a beautiful stone with high appeal in terms of appearance as well as usefulness. In order to benefit from the effects of Anyolite stone, which is highly preferred in jewelry, it should touch the skin.

Anyolite stone is mined in parts of Austria, Tanzania, and Kenya. The degree of hardness, on the other hand, is slightly different as it is composed of combinations. It has Zoisite 7 and Ruby 9 hardness. Comforts can be used in jewelry and ornaments. Also, Read – What is Ammonite Fossil? Benefits, Properties, Colors

Anyolite (Ruby Zoisite) Stone Benefits

  • It is the stone of health.
  • It regulates the body, strengthens it, energizes the body,
  • It takes laziness and lethargy on the person and is effective against chronic fatigue.
  • Calms reduces stress and irritability.
  • It works and strengthens the adrenal glands and lymph nodes.
  • It increases self-confidence.
  • It stabilizes blood coagulation. It cleans and renews the blood.
  • It is good for eye diseases and strengthens the eyes.
  • Protects sexual organs from diseases, and regulates hormones.
  • It keeps the bone system strong.
  • It is protective against colds.
  • Balances blood sugar.
  • Makes it easier to get pregnant
  • In case of pregnancy, it protects the baby and reduces the risk of miscarriage.

Chakras, Colors, Places of Extraction

HardnessZoisite 7 – Ruby 9
Specific weight3.9
Chemical Formula
ColorsGreen and Purplish Red Shades, Black Mottled, Matte, Opaque
Places of ExtractionAustria, Tanzania, Kenya
ChakrasHeart, Root, and Crown

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