8 Business ideas to start safely in 2022

Entrepreneurship has been a decision that has led many to succeed. With the pandemic situation, the concept has become even more accentuated, due to the need not to succumb to the general economic decline. Given this, companies and individuals reformulate their businesses by putting into practice innovative and functional ideas. This does not require a large physical or technological infrastructure, the house is usually the starting point of operations. Coral (Stone of Determination) Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

Now, the security of a business venture lies —according to Crehana, 2021— in “… a lot of dedication, effort and time… Daily balance between work responsibilities and personal life.” With this in mind, the following projects may prove beneficial to breaking into the world of small and medium-sized businesses:

Business ideas to start safely in 2022

Online training

The internet is for everything, and one way to take advantage of it is to mix it with the knowledge you have about a certain subject or topic. In other words, the enterprise can start with a PC or tablet (even with a smartphone), a microphone, headphones, and the teaching to be transmitted. For this task, the instructor can perfectly advertise through RRSS and schedule classes through platforms such as Zoom. How to Start a Podcast in 2022: A Step by Step Guide

This “sale of experience and knowledge” can be directed towards courses, consultancies, and talks. It is important to prepare attractive and valuable content, with which the participant feels motivated to return.

As a creator, it is preeminent to develop tutorials and videos with professional tools like video editors and screen recorders that contribute to monetization. How To Calculate Selling Price For Your Products: How to Price Your Products


Other business ideas to undertake to arise from the homemade trend, or what in Spanish is “made at home”, and gain more followers every day.

Creativity to make crafts, design jewelry, prepare good food or make drawings is a gift that many people have. Why not take advantage of it and turn it into a profession? The work of the entrepreneur begins with the desire, plus a space conditioned exclusively to execute the ideas.


Once you have the finished product, the sales process begins on websites (Amazon, eBay, Mercado Libre, or OLX), Social Networks, WhatsApp for companies, and the eCommerce blog. There are hundreds of portals, like Pinterest, that help refine techniques, while providing guidance on how to market creations. How to sell jewelry online: A guide to success

Copywriter digital

This type of entrepreneurship is ideal for journalism professionals, writers, or those who know a lot about writing. The work of the Copywriter is to develop texts capable of persuading users of virtual pages, followers of social networks, recipients of emails, and Internet users in general.

Consequently, it seeks to generate a positive reaction that leads to making decisions. To be successful in this activity and make a difference from the competition, you have to write good texts, have credibility, personalize the message according to the audience and attract the public with the benefits of the product or service (RD Station, 2021). 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

If you think about it, the basis of this activity is writing and although it is easier said than done, there are many ways to train and improve in this activity; which makes it one of the best business ideas to start.

Product tester

As is well known, online sales have skyrocketed. In 2021 alone, more than 2 billion people shopped online (Findstack, 2021). As a result of this phenomenon, the niche of “product tester” arose.

Why? Well, because of the need of many consumers to know the quality and effectiveness of the item. So, what the entrepreneur does is acquire certain products, and then do an unboxing where he narrates his initial impressions. How to Create and Use Hashtags on Instagram

What follows is to keep trying the article, until, finally, through a video or text on your Facebook or Instagram accounts, you specify the benefits, disadvantages, price, and forms of use. Regarding the ways to monetize, Oberlo (2021) refers to the following alternatives: payment for affiliation, advertising, and dropshipping activation.

Resume Writer

This idea of ​​entrepreneurship requires a computer equipped with software to design resumes correctly. You may be thinking that anyone can do them because the programs are easy to use. But, the truth is that good writing count, and not everyone has the skill.

In this sense, the entrepreneur uses his ability to write as a decoy to trap potential employers. The truth is that, if the service is optimal, profitability increases because people will be willing to pay. So it is essential that as a writer you have knowledge of the capabilities, experiences, value propositions, and training of the applicant (Mauna Media, 2021). How to Start a Business Online: Practical Tips and Creative Examples

Edit videos

This place is in high demand and the economic reward is good, this makes it one of the best business ideas to undertake.

However, it is necessary for the entrepreneur to know and handle various editing programs, to mention a few: Clipchamp, DaVinci Resolve, and Adobe Premiere Pro so that the results please the client. Similarly, you have to have powerful hardware to back up your video files.

With this work, the needs of entrepreneurs, influencers, YouTubers, and individuals who want to be up to date on their RRSS are met. In addition, learning to manipulate audio editing programs opens another door to entrepreneurship, because podcasts and music clips of another level can be made. Business Name Generator: How To Name a Business In 7 Simple Steps

Custom designs

This job idea is great for those who have a knack for graphic design and want some extra money. In fact, portals such as Mega Emprendedor (2022) state that “in 2021 it became one of the most popular and for this year it will continue to grow, being one of the most profitable ventures that can be done from home.”

What does it consist of? Well, creating —through computerized programs— unique logos and images that complement clothing and accessories. Moreover, the entrepreneur can “ match ” with emerging garment designers to launch authentic pieces on the market. Creativity is a key point for this business.

Healthy life advisor

There will always be people interested in having a healthy life and being part of the fitness culture. Therefore, those who know the matter ( coach, trainers, nutritionists…), without a doubt, can make their way in this area. How to Create an Online Logo: 14 Best Free Online Logo Maker

Even more so when social networks serve to promote themselves and “post” the informative videos of consultancies. The instructor would focus on personal training, selling food supplements, teaching conscious nutrition, and could even offer equipment to perform the exercises from home (Oyster, 2021).

If you are already one of those who have certifications from recognized institutions, try to be part of the “InstaFit” community, which brings together the best and provides classes through applications for Android and iOS, and its website. How to Create an Awesome Slogan

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