8 Best Ways To Earn Real Money Playing PUBG

There are many different ways that you can actually earn money by playing PUBG. Your potential to earn money by playing games using these ways is quite high.

It is possible to really earn money through PUBG, the new Survive game released in 2018. Of course, these earnings will change according to the time you play the game and your success in the game. If you want to earn serious money by playing PUBG, you have to spend most of your day on this game, just like going to work.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ( PUBG ), an online survival game, has become one of the most loved games by players all over the world since its first day. PUBG, which could only be played on desktop computers in the first place, later became playable on mobile phones for free. But if you want to make money playing PUBG, you will need the actual desktop game sold through Steam rather than free-to-play. Currently, the price of the game on Steam has increased to $0.50 USD.

8 Best Ways To Earn Real Money Playing PUBG


PUBG is a survival game. 100 players enter a game and these players are dropped to an island by plane. When you first land on the island, you don’t have any equipment, but you can get various war vehicles in various areas and you try to survive with these vehicles. You can join the game with your friends and when your friends die, you can bring them back to life. The playing field is getting narrower and if you stay out of this area, you will lose your life again. The game lands in a very small area last and the last survivor wins.

So we got PUBG, how do we make money? Here are 8 ways to really make money…


By playing PUBG, you can get various gifts in this game. You can sell these gifts on Steam’s auction platform. Of course, you may have to play the game a lot to earn items. By opening these in-game gifts, called boxes, you have the chance to turn them into items that can generate more serious income. Of course, this is a matter of luck when evaluated from a general perspective.


Another important way to earn money in PUBG, whether on desktop or mobile, is account sales. Instead of starting accounts from scratch, people pay more money to accounts that have reached a certain level. You can sell these accounts to your friends or online. Account fees will increase according to the account level.


You can also earn money by playing Pubg through Twitch, the world’s largest game content platform. What you need to do is to make successful and entertaining video broadcasts. If people like you, you can generate substantial income through Twitch.

On Twitch, all visitors are there to watch a good broadcast. In this respect, gaining a follower base is not as difficult as you might think. Of course, you also need to have some fun, for this, try to get ideas by examining the channels with the largest followers.


Just like Twitch, there is a significant interest in live broadcasts of games on Youtube. You can earn money per video view on YouTube. For additional information on the subject, click on the How to Make Money From Youtube guide.


Pubg is a game that is very active and increasing in popularity day by day. In this context, you can open a blog about the game. A blog that you can build on gameplay videos, game tips and various information for players can reach high visitors in a short time. Blogs can often receive advertisements through Google Adsense and popular blogs can generate substantial income.


This is probably a way of making money that you are still far from, but if you manage to be one of the best in the game, you can participate in tournaments. Of course, you will need to join an esports team. To join such organizations, you will first need to demonstrate remarkable performance as an individual player. In addition, it will be a great advantage to be recognized by broadcasts such as Twitch and Youtube. To browse tournaments, you can check out Toornament, MLG Gamebattles, FACEIT and GamerzArena platforms.


Although it is not a very active subject in Turkey, an increasing subject with the rise of e-sports is “game coaching”. In short, you can coach players who want to reach good levels in Pubg. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, you need to be recognized for this. In order to be recognized, the above 6 items will definitely help you.


Whether you want to be recognizable and make money in PUBG or any other game, you will definitely need to use social media. Thanks to social media accounts, you can increase your audience on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube, and you can earn money through sponsored posts. Today, gamers who are at good levels often share sponsored posts on their social media accounts for player-oriented items.

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