5 tips for choosing the right domain name

Choosing an effective domain name helps customers remember your business. The domain name promotes your business, reflects your brand, and impacts how people find you and learn about your business, knowing that your domain name is cited in your print marketing materials and in search engines.

Whether your business is young or well established, your domain name should clearly state what your business does and the audience it serves. Here are five simple tips that will help you choose the right domain name for your business.

Choose an easy-to-pronounce name

It is essential to choose a domain name that is easy to pronounce: when a domain name is easily read aloud, it is also easy to write. Furthermore, it is in your best interest to keep the domain name as short as possible so that it is easy to remember, which will increase the number of visitors to your site. Otherwise, it would be like owning a nice tea room, which no one would find because of an unknown address or a name that is too difficult to memorize…

Imagine that you are at the head of an interior decoration company: you could for example choose a domain name such as LauraDecorationInterieure.fr. By opting for a domain name in one word, you will limit the risk that Internet users will make a typing error: if you add dashes between each word, your visitors could have difficulty typing it correctly and be encouraged to consult other sites.

View existing trademarks

Avoid any legal conflict by carrying out your search without delay. You can consult the INPI website (www.inpi.fr) to verify that the name you plan to adopt is not already taken.

Let’s imagine that you are a caterer and you want to use the initials of your first and last name as a domain name. DHLtraiteur.fr may not infringe trademark law, but this domain name is quite similar to DHL.fr: it is, therefore, better to avoid it.

Choose keywords related to a niche market or location

Choosing keywords related to a niche market or location will help your search engine rankings. When an Internet user searches for a product or service in your sector, your domain name must appear in a good position in the results. The better your site will be placed in the search engines, the more Internet users will be likely to visit it.

Optimizing the referencing of your site is crucial, and for good reason: 72% of customers carry out research on the internet before going to a point of sale. For example, if you own a pet store in Reims, your domain name could be AnimalerieDuBonheurReims.fr.

Opt for originality

Try to create a domain name that does not look like that of another company: your goal is to choose a name that is as original as possible to stand out from your competitors and to make your visitors remember you.

Let’s say you own an Italian restaurant:

  • The Restaurant-Italien-de-Luigi.fr domain name is neither original nor easy to remember.
  • RestaurantdeLuigi.fr is simpler but lacks originality.
  • LuigiDélicesItaliens.fr is a unique and sufficiently short domain name. 

Choose a common domain name extension

If there are a multitude of domain name extensions other than .com or .fr, most Internet users think of one of these two options when typing the address of a website.

If you’re looking for simplicity, the .com and .fr extensions are the most obvious options. But it is also possible that someone else has already chosen this name.

If you have decided on a name but cannot use the .com or .fr extension, you can try the following two options: .net or .co. It is also possible to choose a domain extension that recalls the place where you live if you are not in France, such as .es for Spain and .in for India.

Choosing the right domain name can be simple and fun. If you follow these guidelines, your business has a good chance of standing out on the internet; the greater your visibility, the more customers you will be able to acquire.

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