5 interesting things to know about the 2022 Call of Duty

We won’t be without a new Call of Duty this year either, and the war FPS is being developed by Infinity Ward, who also made Modern Warfare, released three years ago. In the new game, which will be a sequel to this part, the focus will be on fighting drug cartels, with recurring, legendary characters like Captain Price, Soap, Gaz, or just Ghost.

It’s true that the official and all-encompassing unveiling is yet to come, but we’ve already gathered five important things to know about this year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

It will be on the shelves a little earlier than usual

CoD fanatics may be accustomed to the fact that the freshest part of the shooting game usually arrives in stores in November. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, by contrast, will be available for purchase on October 28th. The reason for the speed is that Visionard, who guided the last part, World War II, was hailed by Activision, so the publisher wants to move on as soon as possible and improve the stumbling block.

A minor beauty flaw is that it is not yet known what platforms the new Call of Duty will come in – we are thinking here whether it will come out on previous generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, or only PS5 and Xbox Series To X / S with PC.

5 interesting things to know about the 2022 Call of Duty

It will not be a remake but a sequel

It could be a big stir in my mind that a game called Modern Warfare II, made in 2009 at the time, was also in the care of Infinity Ward. But this new part will not be a remake of it, but a continuation of the 2019 Modern Warfare mentioned above.

It’s true that the 141 Task Force and many other characters will be present as recurring elements in the new CoD, but FPS will tell a story never seen before. Hopefully, the makers will be able to put together a single-player mode again, because the game series has stumbled heavily in that regard lately.

More realistic battles await us than ever before

As mentioned in the introduction, in Modern Warfare II, we hang our mustaches with drug cartels, namely Colombians. That in itself promises to be interesting, but the next Call of Duty is supposed to be hyperrealistic in terms of its gameplay.

Our character will react when they shoot at him: he will be scared, and he will fill the magazine with trembling hands if he finds himself in a tight and stressful situation. So far, in the CoDs, the characters have acted like brittle machines, blood professionals – so hopefully this will really be something. It’s just the icing on the cake that seems to make our decisions weigh, so there are several finishes waiting for us in the new game.

The game series can return to Steam

A recent tweet suggests that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will also be available through Steam. Back in 2017, Black Ops 4 was the first game in the franchise to be played through Battle.net, Activision’s Blizzard launcher, and the trend continued with Modern Warfare, Warzone, also with Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard. Many people prefer the Steam platform of Valve when it comes to PC gaming, so it really wouldn’t be a stupid decision.

The full unveiling will come on June 8, until then the fans will be pampered

The 2019 Modern Warfare team, Task Force 141, will return in the sequel – at least as seen in the Modern Warfare II hobby trailer. Based on the comments, the live-action image series has been well-drained by CoD fans, and we only have to wait a few days for the full unveiling.

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