4 benefits of working as a temporary worker

Working as a temporary worker has many advantages and can be a solution that allows you to build a career or establish a skill. Focus on the advantages of temporary work with Anne Dumas, HRD in charge of temporary employees for Randstad.

  1. A flexible work pace
  2. Large sectors are recruiting temporary workers
  3. Working as a temporary worker allows you to train
  4. Interim allows the transfer of skills

1. A flexible work pace

Once the labor market has been considered, temporary assignments can have many advantages, particularly in terms of work pace.

“The duration of temporary assignments is very variable, from a few days to 18 consecutive months. It is also possible to go much further thanks to the interim CDI, a CDI, signed with the temporary work agency, which then delegates its employees to the companies. Intermission periods are remunerated and can be devoted to training,” specifies the HRD. What are Mad Skills and how do you tell recruiters about them?

This flexibility may also be suitable for profiles who carry out a parallel activity or need to acquire professional experience. It is an interesting option for junior profiles very affected by the crisis. Temporary work is a very effective means of access to the labor market and a springboard for building a career. Professions recruiting in 2022

But what about assets attached to certain stability? “ Very often, temporary assignments can lead to permanent contracts. When the need persists, companies generally offer it as a priority to temporary employees who have proven themselves. The temporary CDI also makes it possible to combine work flexibility and job security ”. As for remuneration, Anne Dumas assures us, the temporary employee is treated as an integrated employee. “ Legally, the temporary employee benefits from equal treatment in terms of remuneration under the same conditions as permanent employees . He is also entitled to other benefits applied in the company such as the 13th month or bonuses”. What Are HTTP Status Codes? What are their meanings?

2. Large sectors are recruiting temporary workers

We are all eager for positive news, but the interim market is doing quite well, explains Anne Dumas. “The visibility of business leaders has been reduced to a few months, even a few weeks. In this context, they will tend to resort to temporary work to meet their immediate skills needs, before considering longer-term hiring”.

Despite everything, the sectors are not all equal in the face of the side effects of the health crisis. Some have been hit very hard and will take time to recover. Others, already dynamic, have not wavered under the effect of the restrictions. They even experience growth in circumstantial activity. How to Increase Employee Engagement?

“ Aeronautics, tourism, airports, catering, and automotive are sectors that continue to suffer. But others are experiencing strong growth and are recruiting from all over France: logistics, particularly in e-commerce, and mass distribution in the drive-thru section of shelving. After a sudden stop during the first confinement, the construction sector is also in demand to make up for the delays suffered in the spring.

3. One of the advantages of temporary work: training

One of the great unrecognized strengths of temporary work is to offer training adapted to the professions that are recruiting. This is the case at Randstad. “ We recruit and provide access to qualifying training in jobs that are in short supply. Today, we train 35,000 people a year and we have a team of 30 experts who help local agencies find the right system to train candidates ” specifies Anne Dumas. How can I use Indeed to find a job?

Training courses are open to all types of profiles to acquire additional skills. “We can offer these training courses to job seekers, but also to our active temporary employees who wish to improve their skills. We support them in the construction of their professional project”.

These training courses, which last between 2 weeks and 6 months, are paid for by Randstad. “Our training budget is very substantial. In 2019, we devoted 50 million euros to improve the skills of our temporary employees,” says Anne Dumas.

4. Interim allows the transfer of skills

This type of contract offers the possibility of remaining active, of exploring new sectors through various and varied missions. It also offers hope to workers affected by the crisis: they can indeed transfer their skills to a more dynamic sector.

“When a sector is affected by the crisis, we identify the skills of each employee to see if they correspond to those required by growth sectors. And if necessary, we offer additional training. In recent times, for example, companies in the airport sector have been hit hard. However, one may have been preparing meal trays for planes and using these logistical skills in other areas. From one sector to another, transferability is quite possible, ” reassures the HRD in charge of temporary employees at Randstad. 10 Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps of 2022

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