12 ideas for virtual cohesion activities

Telecommuting has become the daily life of many employees, especially in recent weeks. Technology facilitates collaboration between colleagues, but how can you strengthen the cohesion of your teams despite the distance? How do you maintain good relationships without your daily chats over a cup of coffee? 7 ways to get the right slogan for your business for free

Working from home can sometimes cause a feeling of isolation, and being creative in bringing your collaborators together virtually can help you stay connected. Because very often, a friendly atmosphere has a positive impact on productivity and well-being at work! Vistaprint teams are used to collaborating despite the miles between them, and the majority of our employees have been working remotely for several weeks.

12 ideas for virtual cohesion activities

To help you maintain contact with your employees, we offer twelve virtual cohesion activities, most of which have been tested and approved by our teams! New iPhone Features and Updates in iOS 15.2

12 ideas for virtual cohesion activities:

  • Team Tai Chi
  • Virtual book or movie clubs
  • happy hours
  • Weekly quizzes
  • Dance sessions
  • Online coworking spaces
  • Virtual coffee breaks
  • Chat discussions
  • Recipe swaps
  • GIF Contest
  • Shared playlists
  • Bingo

Try team tai chi

Everyone knows that playing sports is good for your health… especially when you spend your days in front of a screen! Practicing a physical activity in a group makes it easier to stick to it. In addition to being a discipline accessible to the greatest number, tai chi offers many benefits to the body such as in mind thanks to its soft and codified movements. This may be an opportunity to challenge your teams: which will be the most diligent over time? A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a GIF of Your Logo in Photoshop

Start a virtual book or movie club

This activity is ideal for bringing together as many people as possible from your company, and not just your team members. Choose a book, then schedule a virtual meeting where you can discuss your reading. This concept also applies to cinema, which may be more suitable for your employees if they have little free time. Every participant must play the game: plan your meeting in advance, and make sure everyone is there.

Host a happy hour

This idea often meets with great success! Don’t miss the opportunity to share a drink after a long day at work: choose your favorite drink (with or without alcohol), and start a videoconference with your employees. Create a friendly atmosphere with background music, and relax… If the atmosphere is right, you can even punctuate this meeting with a few games or activities to put everyone at ease. B2B Lead Generation: How to get the right leads

Compete in a weekly virtual quiz

Another idea borrowed from bars: the weekly quiz night! Kahoot is a great tool to organize it remotely. Each week, someone is responsible for writing a series of questions on a given topic, and then all employees answer them on Kahoot. Don’t hesitate to write down everyone’s scores to keep a ranking, or even send a reward to the fastest competitor and the big winner of the week!

Schedule a dance session

Dancing is an original way to start a meeting or to release the pressure: put on a rhythmic pop song and invite everyone to show what they are capable of, whatever their level… Our suggestion to make everyone want to move: Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. A great success at Vistaprint!

Create an online coworking space

If you have never tried coworking, it is possible to try the experience despite the distance! The principle is simple: you work as usual, but you enjoy the company of your colleagues. The simple fact of feeling “surrounded” can do wonders. This new approach is also an opportunity to apply the Pomodoro Technique, which consists of working in 25-minute sessions with a 5-minute break between each period, just to exchange a few words before getting back to work. It will be enough for the first person connected to generate the link to the meeting, and the others can then join it by videoconference if they wish.

Share a virtual coffee or lunch

Because it is important to breathe, take the time to share a coffee or a lunch with your colleagues by interposed screens. But be careful: don’t talk about work, because the goal is to take a step back from your daily tasks and get to know yourself better! The perfect opportunity to get to know each other if you haven’t had the opportunity yet. What is Virtual Pos? How to Buy? What are the advantages?

Chat daily

How about a space where you could meet up with your colleagues to discuss everything but work? At Vistaprint, we’ve created a channel on Slack that acts as a virtual coffee room where we share photos of our pets, interesting articles, and videos that make people smile. There’s nothing like getting closer and punctuating our working days with a dose of lightness!

Swap your recipes

Staying at home has become the daily life of many people, and some take the opportunity to spend time in the kitchen. If you feel like getting behind the stove, create a virtual space where you can exchange good recipes with your colleagues! The ideal is to opt for an online discussion group, where everyone can post their favorite recipes and photos of their dishes. You can also find ideas for dinner there if you are short of inspiration! 11 tips to boost your sales

Host a GIF contest

If you’re a serious competitor, compete against your colleagues in a GIF contest! These animated images sometimes speak louder than words, and they can bring a good dose of laughter and good humor to your team. copy this Trello template and get ready to face your colleagues!

Create collaborative playlists

Build a shared playlist where each team member can add their favorite songs. You can even create several on different themes, then listen to them as you wish. Our playlist ideas: motivating music for working, the greatest hits of the 90s, a selection of titles to accompany your happy hours…


Online bingo is a great idea for strengthening ties with your colleagues, especially during your daily videoconferences. Create a bingo grid with the themes and expressions that come up most often during teleworking, and cross out the boxes as soon as one of the situations described occurs. Our favorites? The famous “can you hear me? », or when a child or an animal suddenly appears on the screen! Click here to download your grid and try the experiment.

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