11 Occasions You Should Take Your Wedding Ring Off Your Finger

The wedding ring is the symbol of the couple’s union, both before God and also society. Therefore, it is a unique jewel, with special meaning. But there are times and occasions when it is necessary to take off the ring…

No, we’re not talking about the end of the relationship! But yes, to protect this very valuable asset in our lives. That’s because in certain activities you can damage it, reduce the brightness and even lose the piece. 22K Yellow Gold Bracelet Women’s Price

So, check out 11 occasions when you should take your wedding ring off your finger!

Why take the ring off your finger?

Taking the ring off your finger may seem like you don’t want to show your commitment, but it’s not true! Deep down, you are protecting the union symbol from spoiling, not hurting, or even losing. 

It will be necessary, at times, to take the jewelry out of your hand to avoid taking risks. Check out the occasions when it is interesting to keep the jewelry. What Is the Average Ring Size for Women?

Take off your wedding ring when washing your hands

Yea! It is important to wash your hands without the ring so that soap or some other chemical product does not damage the jewelry. The big risk is that the jewelry loses its shine more quickly, having to take it to a polish. The same happens when passing gel alcohol in your hands, our new habit in times of a pandemic.

Take off your wedding ring

At cleaning time

Speaking of alcohol, another good time to remove the ring is during cleaning, especially when dealing with chemicals such as bleach, detergent, and chlorine, among others. Top 9 expert tips for taking care of your engagement ring

When cooking

When cooking, it is interesting to remove the jewelry for hygiene reasons. Even more so when mixing ingredients by hand, such as when making bread dough. 

When taking medical exams

Many types of exams, such as ultrasound, MRI, and tomography, among others, it is indicated removing the ring, as well as other jewelry so as not to disturb the procedure. Engagement Rings: Which stone should I prefer for Engagement Rings?

Using creams and cosmetics

If you have the habit of passing creams on your hand or body, the idea is to remove the ring to do this. These products are not good for the beauty of the ring, leaving it dull. 

At the gym

For gym lovers, it’s important to remove the jewelry from your finger for two reasons. The first person to lift weights with the ring can injure their finger and cause calluses. Also, depending on the situation, the jewelry can be dented. 

Enjoying on the beach

When enjoying the sun and the beach, the person can do without the ring. This is because, depending on the material, the salt in the water can affect the piece. In addition, when entering the sea, the risk of losing the jewel in a dive is great. The 10 Most Valuable Jewels in the World and Their Prices

Water sports

The same is also true when entering a pool to practice swimming, risking losing the ring. Another dangerous sport in this sense is biribol (pool volleyball). A simple cut and the ring can fly through the air. 

When working

In some professions, it is recommended to remove the ring from your finger before starting the job. Some examples are doctors, nurses, masseurs, and even mechanics. In this last profession, nobody deserves to get grease on their ring, right?

When sleep

Many people suffer from swelling in the hand while they sleep, so it is recommended to remove the ring. Mostly because of the fact that it caused some injury with the tightness of the ring on the swollen finger. 

In heavy tasks

Are you going to cut the grass, a branch of the tree, or change the tire of the car? These are just some heavy activities when the best thing to do is without the ring on your finger. This serves both to not dent the jewelry, as well as not to hurt yourself. iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max: Which one should you buy in 2022?

Etsy Wedding Ring

Jewelry needs to be made with quality and excellence to last for years. However, it is indicated in these moments that we mention taking certain precautions, after all, we don’t want to spoil this symbol of love so quickly. 

For this reason, Etsy Joalheria produces jewelry with reliable materials and Amagold certification, which attests to the origin of the gold used. If you are looking for a wedding ring, ring, or other jewelry option, enter our website and check it all out! 20 adaptable names that can work for a variety of companies

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