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    2nd October 2022

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    Welcome to GemSleek

    Precious Stones is established in 2022 to provide information about semi-precious stones and natural stones. We try to keep our articles up to date in order to provide the most accurate information. You can get natural stones from our Twitter account.

    Meanings, Properties, and Benefits of Gemstones

    The high vibrational power of crystals and Healing Crystals have been used in the treatment of many diseases for centuries and their effects have been benefited from. The purpose of the information we provide here is to convey the benefits of these stones from the past to the present. However, this information cannot replace medical treatment. For your health problems, you should first consult with your doctor and be treated. You should use the energies of natural stones as a compliment.

    Health & Recipes

    Digital Marketing


    FAQs About Gemstones

    What Are Gemstones?

    In the Gemstones category, there are 4 stones that are considered gemstones. Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald. Apart from these stones, there are rare precious stones such as Topaz, Alexandrite, Tanzanite, and Zultanite, and used only in jewelry. These stones can sometimes be more valuable and expensive than the 4 stones in the precious stones category.

    What Are Semi-Precious Stones?

    Semi-precious stones are the name given to stones other than 4 precious stones, which are also known as ornamental stones. It is referred to as Gemstone in English. These stones are a group of stones that we define as natural stones, which have healing and benefits. For Semi-Precious Stones, you can visit our Precious Stones List page.

    What are Natural Stones?

    Natural Stones are actually stones such as marble and granite, which are used in daily tools, other than ornamental stones. These stones can be used in areas such as kitchen counters and building exteriors. However, today, semi-precious stones, which we can also call healing stones, are referred to as natural stones.

    How Should Precious Natural Stones Be Cleaned?

    There are multiple methods for cleaning and maintaining precious stones. Before choosing the method you will use to clean your stone, you should learn the hardness level of your gemstone. If you try to clean a stone with very low hardness with water, your stone will be damaged. You can get more detailed information by reviewing our article on the Cleaning and Care of Precious Stones.

    What is the Relationship between Gemstones and Zodiac Signs?

    The energies of precious natural stones have different effects on some zodiac signs. For this reason, there are stones that symbolize each sign and are recommended to be used. These stones are not a necessity, but a recommendation. Of course, you can use a stone if you need it, even if it is not the stone of your zodiac sign. You can find details in our Gemstones and Horoscopes article.

    What Are Chakra Stones?

    Each chakra has its own unique color and energy. Depending on the colors, the stones used for the relevant chakra vary as it stands. You can find the colors and special stones of each chakra in our Stones and Chakras article.

    How Are the Prices of Precious Stones Determined?

    Regardless of precious stones or semi-precious stones, every stone has more or less value. Depending on the rarity of the stone, the craftsmanship during processing, cleanliness, color, etc. Prices are determined according to many criteria. For this reason, the price of two stones of the same type is not the same.

    How to Tell Real Natural Stone?

    If you are a person who knows stones well, when you hold the stone in your hand, you can understand whether the stone is real from many criteria such as its coldness, weight, and scratch hardness, but the analysis is required for a definitive answer. There can be different stones of the same color and texture. However, if you are a user who does not know much about stones, it is useful to choose reliable sources when purchasing stones.

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